The Choice to Allow

Well-come Beautiful Unique Soul! I’m indeed glad that you stopped by to visit my blog. I won’t delay your time Unique Soul. This site is for those who have undergone traumatic experiences. Whether it began as a child existing in an abusive situation, abandoned, and rejected, by those who didn’t know healthy love. It could have been as a teenager or even a young adult. No matter where the trauma occurred, your emotions, personality, behavior and even body have suffered a great loss of originality.

What do I mean by this? I believe when one is greatly traumatized the mind will go to great lengths to protect itself. Altering one’s behavior to be accepted or to feel positive affection is one avenue. Or, you push your authentic personality traits away and acquire other personalities to gain attention, to fit-in, or struggle to be this ‘perfect’ person, only to find out there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ person. Even when you feel an authentic emotion because of the trauma, you won’t exhibit it because it may not be favorable and you don’t want to be rejected – again. Finally, your body is the last place to signal to you that the toll of carrying unoriginal emotions, personality, and behavior has now manifested in ‘Dissociative Personality Disorder,’ ‘Mental Illness (mood swings, oppression, depression, etc.), and ultimately the body possibly may succumb to Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension, amongst others. When it has reached this point in  the body, sickness and disease are saying, “I can no longer live with these other people inside of me. Free me! I want my original thought, behavior, personality and body back!”

This blog is for those who have made the decision to walk in their authentic emotions, behavior, personality, and body. You’ve chosen to evolve! No matter how challenging the road may be, you are ALLOWING yourself to let go, forgive (self too), and love (again, self first). I’m not saying you have to love the experience that you survived, but allow yourself to view it from another vantage point. Forgiveness is the most powerful form of self-love you have in your arsenal. Unforgiveness only keeps you in an inward prison of torment while those who harmed you have gone on with their lives. Release yourself! ALLOW the Universe to show you how strong, powerful, imperfectly perfect, and worthy to be and show love that you are!

You know there is a Beautiful, Unique Soul inside of you who strongly wants to ALLOW you to live and live more abundantly in all things healthy (peace, hugs & kisses)! If this is you then this blog is for you! I will be sharing thoughts, tidbit of wisdom, music, and interview vlogs with other fellow BUS (Beautiful Unique Souls). And don’t forget to share your thoughts with me. I’d love to listen to your story! You can email me at lana@lanamhooks.com.

Again I say, WELL-COME!