Dirty Breath

Dirty Breath: Trapped by Rejection, a memoir, is about a five-pound baby girl, traumatized by maternal and paternal generations of the entity “Rejection” in the womb of her mother.

Lana shares poignant stories about family, religious circles, and academia leaders that emotionally, verbally and sometimes physically abused her. Exerting her authentic self in these circles was met with bullying tactics to destroy her from identifying her true feelings and to stop her from voicing her thoughts and opinions. With each injurious action, Lana’s authentic self was pushed down into her soul creating wounds. And with each shove mask were added into her behavioral psyche imitating as her original creation.

Believing and ingesting every word of those whom she thought loved her or those in authority mockingly said or yelled at her amassed weight on her small frame, a skin disorder, and dis-ease. Arriving at a vow by the age of ten, she has kept that vow and was willing to maintain for the sake of an innocent child’s life. Her bloodline into ‘Rejections’ lair of emotional dishonesty framed her belief system well into her forty’s.

This was written to expose and challenge how cultural, family, academic, and a spiritual community of ‘Hurt’ people can produce, emotional dishonesty. She always knew the person(s) she daily presented was not her authentic self. Isolation had always been her safety due to vicious verbal attacks about her weight and failed relationships.

This is her warning, but mostly her rallying cry to parents, caretakers, and those in authority to pay attention to their children. Listen to their conversation; who they talk about in fearful tones, their dreams and visions, and most of all, if pregnant don’t allow everyone to touch your stomach.

If it were not for supernatural occurrences, her mother’s secret, a pre-birth vision, and a desire to know her authentic self, emotionally, Lana might not have taken the journey back to who the Creator said she was long before she was manifested in the womb of her mother.

This is her story, her route to appeal to those who yet suffer from hurtful words buried in their souls.

It’s time to return and remember those painful situations that created the wounds in your soul. Confronting them will expose who the perpetrator actually is and why you were chosen to endure this painful road. It’s time for you to look in the mirror of your soul and realize the authentic nature of your being. Taking out the false reality of hurt people from your soul will allow you to live the life you always knew you were to and pass on to your children.

She leaves this burning question to humanity, “What emotional legacy do you want to leave your child or children? Mine was ‘Rejection.’ What’s yours?”