Nothing New Under the Sun

Are you afraid to share your message? Do you feel like you do not have anything new to say? You are afraid to rehash information from books you have read and processes you have practiced?

In this book Lauren G shares some tools to help you get past the blocks that are binding you from sharing your message with the world…

Yes, someone wrote about this before. Yes, someone talked about this before on a radio show. Yes, someone created a course about it. Of course, they could buy that other person’s book. They could listen to that other person on the radio. 

There is nothing new under the sun. It is okay to rehash some information. The truth is those other thought leaders, are not you. They do not speak the way you speak. They do not think the way you think. They can not relate the message the way you can. They are different and that matters.

None of these messages are new, but they must continually be taught in many different ways by many different people. That is how the world goes around. Share your diverse message even if it sounds like another message you have heard.

This book is for those who are feeling some fear when it comes to sharing your message. It doesn’t matter what message you have to share or how you want to share it. The point is that it needs to be shared.

Your Message was not put inside of you just to gnaw at you. It was meant to be shared with your tribe. Your tribe needs you. Read this book. Use the processes and break out and loose your message.