Uncreate the Verbal Contracts

Uncreate the Verbal Contracts


Uncreate the Contracts


It’s time to delete the tape! It’s time to evict the people living inside your head, beliefs, emotions, and voice! It’s time to delete the memories in your cells! It’s time to tell those negative words, unseemly behaviors, and low-frequency thoughts to go! It’s time to uncreate the verbal contracts and break through your authentic self and life!

You were consistently verbally abused as a child and agreed to believe those words. I know you were a child and didn’t have the wherewithal to fight the words. You internalized this to mean, “You weren’t good enough.” But now you are at a crossroad in your adult life and choices must be made to uncreate the verbal contracts or stay aligned in agreement with the enemy of your soul. Are you ready?

Every word and statement, write down the person(s) name who said it. In another column write an I AM statement about you. For example, I AM INTELLIGENT, OR I AM CREATIVE. This may take a while so take breaks. You can do this in stages. It can be emotionally intense. Take your time. Write a few words and people for an hour a day and speak aloud the below declaration. Say aloud your new I AM affirmations daily too. Move in that vacant space your new beliefs hearing your own voice.

When you have completed as many as you can say aloud the following declaration with the Restorer of your soul!

 I renounce and denounce every word spoken to me that I’ve believed from a child. I am not these words and statements. I am a child of I AM! And I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I am a divine being created in the image of I AM. I choose to speak I AM forth by rewriting my mental, emotional, and physical script with my voice and behavior.

For those who attacked me with their religion and co-signing God’s name to their abuse, I renounce their god of bondage and fear and choose to learn God for myself. I renounce and denounce the language of a slave and I speak the language of freedom! I am worthy. Period.

On this day ______________ I uncreate every verbal contract that I agreed to and by the great I AM I ask that it be destroyed and sent back to the sender. Amen

You will repeat this declaration as needed. You’ve existed in another persons reality for a long time and they don’t want to leave so easily. Those memories are in your cells and must be removed.

The next few techniques are excellent ways of clearing your cells. Take walks, being in nature clears your mind. Another practice is to take your hands and pat them, on the top of your thighs like you’re walking.  One last exercise is to fold your arms and take your hands and pat your arms like you are walking. It seems strange but that motion blocks negative mind chatter.

You are Removing, what no longer serves you and Restoring’ your authentic emotions, thoughts, and voice! This is a journey so take steps and read my friend Neil Vermillion’s blog. He has insight that will assist, affirm and order your steps daily.

In my next blog January 30, 2016, I will discuss “Forgiveness.” I may have a special guest blogger to walk you in forgiveness. This is her field of expertise. Meanwhile, enjoy Ms. Janet Jackson’s “Control.” We know WHO is really in control of our lives but “Self-Control” is a ‘Fruit of the Spirit’.  Until thenknow that you are not alone, sweet sleep, and angels keep. 

When you look in the mirror do you know the person looking back-

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Break Through in 2016!

Your 6 Traveling Companions

Your 6 Traveling Companions



Anger… Fear… Courage… Honesty… Transparency… & Forgiveness

These six entities, as I refer to them, will be your life long companions on your journey to emotional authenticity. In any abusive memory you are re-membering, their function and task is interchangeable in availing in your emotional liberation. Other entities waiting in their quiver, no lesser, will ecstatically come forth to replace the masks (behaviors) you were made to wear to survive the emotional abuse.

cryingsinging Gently, yet trepidatiously, you and these six entities will have a love/hate relationship as they unravel, reveal, and separate the authentic parts of your soul (mind, body, emotions) from your abuser’s reality that was forced upon you. True, it was unfair, hurtful, abominable, and all the other adjectives you can find of what they did to you.  I wholeheartedly agree with you!!! They were dead wrong! But at some point you must make a decision that knowing your authentic behavior, living your reality, and not your abuser’s is worth more than blaming, unforgiveness, and being a part of the living dead. Zombies are so overrated :-(.

Always you will need Courage when you take the plunge to understand why those closest to you abused you. The more you analyze their behavior, and sad to say, the more you will see where their traits have infiltrated your psyche in how you operate and behave in treating those in your circle as well.  Truth will pinch and some days kick you square in the gut. It gets bloody in the fight to let go of the hurt, the abuser, and the past. But if you are Honest with yourself, and look at how your abuser’s behavior is a part of your present reality, and accept the TruthTransparency will remove Blame and usher in Compassion.  And not soon afterwards, and when you request her, Forgiveness strolls in clearing your soul of all anger, hurts, haunts, and blame.

wrestlingIn this blog/vlog, if you are ready for the WWF (World Wide Fight) of your soul, then this is for you. I intimately know the wrestle for my path but everyone’s is different. I’m just here to guide you and be an ear to listen.  I can’t promise that it will be speedy, pretty, or a clean fight.  Old habits and beliefs die hard but if you are willing to go the tow then I’m there with you when I need to be. And remember go easy on yourself. The goal is self-love in all places of you who presently are and are be-coming.

Oh, don’t think I’m “Miss Got-It-All-Together,” no, I’m still learning about who I am, but I am well-equipped to get you in the fight, as I am continuing on my path.  The myth, that has spread this as truth, is that we who guide have it all together, and that is just not true.  Daily, if life coaches and others in the field, who are helping people transform belief systems into more excellent ways, are integral beings, they will admit we all are walking a path to wholeness.  And that can only be defined by you and your Creator.

I’m just another vessel that has been given the green light by the Divine and am so honored to take you back to your “playground” as I call it. Your “no limits,” “safe place,” or your “you can do anything and be anything place.”


If you’re ready to go back to re-member, recognize your abuser’s behavior from your authentic behavior, remove those false behaviors (mask), and restore your soul then by all means sign up to your right my left. And truly none of your information will be given or sold to a third-party. Discretion, confidentiality, and privacy are of the utmost importance.

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