Healthy is the New S.E.X.Y.

journeyconnectBefore I begin, this blog it is not to put down anyone’s weight loss program or dietary regimen. This blog is not solely about physical weight or diet. It’s about focusing our attention and listening to what “health” and being emotionally and mentally healthy has to sound out. This is a movement to bring “Healthy” back to center stage.

Today, more than ever in our present climate, we necessitate taking charge of our inner house – thoughts and emotions. With social media feeds swiftly reporting the political and social contentions it’s easy to get overwhelmed, discouraged, and pressed down. Hearing and reading these feeds excessively will breed presupposed fears and behaviors that lead to desperate actions. This induces the physical body and brain to work in a ceaseless state of injury. Runaway thoughts will torment your mind while your emotions are roller coasting all over the place.  These extreme changes will manifest in illness and dis-ease.

focus2My mission in this hour is to pay attention and centering on being healthy emotionally and mentally. We totally need a safe space to vent our concerns and promote one another. Whether you’re single, married, have children or not, employed, unemployed, or self-employed we all call for encouragement. Communication is more than just language. It’s listening, viewing, really hearing and reading between the lines what someone is saying or not saying.

I am asking that you look and listen to your family, those in your work environment, friends, significant others and really pay attention to them.  Write, text, or email them a note to encourage and brighten their day.  I started this at my place of employment with some of the ladies that I work with. It has really got off and is positively affecting their day.

boygirltagI enjoy games. Recall the game “IT”? Where you hit someone while running and yell “You’re it!” Well, I took the premise of this childhood game and updated it to fit our current way of communication and connecting. I.T. is an acronym for “Infinite’s Tiara” which means you’re “God’s Crown” and S.E.X.Y means “Souls. E.volving. X.periencing. Y.ou.” Your soul is ever-changing to higher states of living, thinking, and being.

All you have to do is send someone an encouraging word by text, email, or a handwritten note. It doesn’t matter if they are passing through a trying moment or in a good head space right now. To recognize that somebody is paying attention to you just feels good. Kind words can be stored up in your psyche for those days when you’re not in a secure place.

Here is an example, “Your I.T., the Infinite’s Tiara: I know you have a lot on your plate right now. With a sick parent, planning a wedding, and more job duties, wearing these many hats is tremendous pressure on you.  When all you really want is to just be you and left alone for a few minutes to breathe.  This weekend, take some time and steal away to a tranquil spot.  Even if you have to drive I-285 and scream to release the weight of your responsibilities off  and out of your body- do so.  Your mind, body and soul will thank you and bring you a gift – a new perspective.” #HealthyistheNewSEXY. Remember to place a hashtag before Healthy is the New S.E.XY. So it will be written #HealthyistheNewSEXY.  This is the tag line of the movement.

woman with diaryI have so much on my plate that I am reducing my blog to bi-monthly. The next blog is April 5th. In the meantime #hashtag people in your life an encouraging word and let their endorphins bring a smile to their soul. Lastly, enjoy a man and a song that can make anyone feel good – Sylvester and 2 Tons of Fun!

You’re I.T. The Infinite’s Tiara: Go out and dance those blues away! #HealthyistheNewSEXY


“You cannot die unless you connect with someone.” God-Eater

Breakthrough Series 2016

Breakthrough Series 2016


Breakthrough Series 2016
Breakthrough Series 2016

Hey, Phamily!

I hope all is well with you and those you love! We’ve now experienced the first week of the new year. Was it a good week? I hope it was. Mine has been a culmination of emotions, situations, cleansings, and expansions but, all in all, they have been needed. Change, Removal, Restoral, Transformations, Elevations are all a part of breakthroughs. Be ye physical, emotional, mental, or in your soul, they all come with their own unique manifestations and mechanisms for us to be more authentic in mind, body and soul.

Well, on to what I’ve been revealing on my new Facebook page, “Author Lana M Hooks.” Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I post vignette’s of “Breakthroughs” that I want to happen in the near future. So I write them down as if they’ve already occurred. It’s my way of acknowledging my growth, my expansion into new areas of my life, my emotions healed and living my dreams. We need to know that we won’t be the same person tomorrow if we do the work needed now to change. I honestly believe if we remember, recognize, remove, and restore our authentic emotions, thoughts, and voice we will live our lives authentically and our dreams will manifest themselves.

I know some people may not be Facebook users or just taking a break and I didn’t want you to miss out on the vignette’s I posted this week. I am posting them all today in my blog and would love to hear back from you some of your “Breakthroughs” that you’d like to have happened in your life. This does not replace my bi-weekly blog this is in addition to it that I will post beginning next week on the same days I post on Facebook. I just don’t want you to miss out on you being a part of the #Breakthroughseries2016! I have friends who’ll be assisting you in your breakthroughs! Read my friend Neil Vermillion’s blog. He gives divine insight to propel you along further on your journey!

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Please join me in sharing your “breakthrough” vignette’s by leaving them in the comment section. The more we write our dreams down and read them on days when it may not necessarily be going so well I believe they will lift up our spirits to keep pressing and don’t give up! Okay, Phamily, see you next Saturday with “Uncreating Contracts.” Have an excellent and breakthrough week!


Remember you are not alone! And sweet sleep and angels keep!

Coloring as a Meditative Practice

Coloring as a Meditative Practice
Hey Phamily! I have a surprise for you! My good friend and author/mentor Alicia McCalla (and yes you must check out her website and subscribe, awesome writer of Multicultural Speculative Fiction) is my guest blogger for this week! Yay!!! She and her sisters (affectionately, the Cunningham Sisters) designed a coloring book for adults that desire to meditate in another form or just relax.
Phamily, you’ve been doing a lot of inner soul work these past few weeks with me that had your brain, organs, cells, and bones dealing with trauma filled places. Today, right now, this present moment, go get your crayons, your child’s crayons, or go and purchase them from the Dollar Store. But first before you grab your purse or wallet, sit down and read how coloring can help you be in a position of authority to reconnect to the alienated parts of your soul. I introduce to you Alicia McCalla, the eldest of the Cunningham sisters.

Did you know that opening a box of Crayola crayons and then smelling them is a way to reduce the anxiety associated with a panic attack?  Coloring has a way of helping us to calm down, reduce stress, and relax.

Active meditation is the use of repetitive motions such as running, walking, dancing, and of course, coloring. In fact, coloring can help to strengthen focus and shift your attention to a contemplative state. While you color, chaotic thoughts and extreme worries are pushed aside. Your brain is able to simply focus on the task of the gentle, repetitive motion of your hands as you bring color to paper.

There are other health benefits to your brain while coloring such as the selection of the colors and focusing your attention on highly detailed images.  These help your brain to open centers of creativity, ingenuity, and logical thoughts.  With all of the wonderful health benefits to coloring, you would think that everyone would regularly participate.  Unfortunately, meditative coloring is just beginning to take off in the United States.  If you are interested in an easy, affordable and cost effective way to reduce stress, boost creativity, and help your brain relax, try coloring.


Here are a few tips to creating a Meditative Coloring Experience:Get yourself some highly detailed images to color such as a Mandala or other coloring book. Stop by our website: to immediately receive free coloring pages.


  1. Make yourself a cup of healing herbal tea (Chamomile is great) or you might enjoy a small glass of Kosher red wine.

  2. Select your favorite coloring utensils. I love gel glitter pens but crayons, markers etc. are all wonderful to use.

  3. Begin your coloring session by smiling for one full minute. Don’t shirk on this one. Time yourself, if needed.

  4. Put on your iPod and listen to Alpha or Brainwave music. I have a BrainWave App and listen to “Positivity Boost.”

  5. Color your image. Allow the color choices to “speak” to you. Don’t push the choices just allow the choices to happen. Be amazed in the end…

  6. Drink your tea, listen to music, and color for a 30-60 minute session.

  7. After your session ends, if your image is complete, sign and date it.  You can also write any quotes, thoughts, or ideas that revealed themselves to you during your coloring session. Go ahead, write them on your coloring pages or keep a journal handy. Feel free to put your images in a frame or give them away as gifts.

Coloring is an amazing way to meditate, heal, and reduce stress.  Take some time to relax and color.

Alicia M 2

Alicia is the eldest of the Cunningham sisters. If you’d like to try a coloring book for active meditative practice, try Meditation: Sisters Stress Relief Mandalas and Patterns (Volume 2).  Alicia and Nicole are two of the Cunningham sisters.  They are inspired by their artistic mom and love to color. Alicia writes Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction. She’s also a school librarian. You can find her work at Nicole is an aspiring Cozy Mystery author and works as a social worker. Visit them at to receive your free coloring pages.