Now We No!

Now We No!


Last month I started a discussion on ‘Health.’ It is called #HealthyistheNewS.E.X.Y. Just hover over the hashtag and read February’s blog for details. I want ‘Health’ to be viewed first before we look at the manifestations of what occurs if we’re not as healthy as we’d like to be. ‘Health’ deserves to have center stage and be sexy-as-she-wanna-be. I well-comed ‘Health’ with open arms, but I wasn’t ready for how it chose to come to me. What I will say is if ‘Health’ is your aim allow it to come as its origin – a person, place, or thing.

I was sent a video to watch and asked what my thoughts were about it. At first I wondered why am I watching this? ‘Health’ presented herself to me in a way that I’ve long since crossed over. I looked at the video again. I told ‘Health’ I’m no longer in that phase of my life. I even attended a live demonstration where another male presenter held the same product that I viewed before, doesn’t directly affect him, but it does affect any female in his life. And again, although amazed even more by this product, I still wondered why me? I noticed I kept squashing an inner voice telling me to pay attention. I answered, “I’ve passed this rite of passage.” It wasn’t until after a teleconference, attending an informational session of this product, another teleconference, and getting a good night’s sleep that I had no choice but to pay attention to the inner voice.

At the age of ten I started my menstrual cycle. It was presented to me in a way that I didn’t care about it. I saw it as an imposition. I was told about it by a mother who didn’t know how to explain it me, and a grandmother whose face looked like death warmed over. Her response was, “I was becoming a woman, it would come monthly, and I could get pregnant.” I had to wear a small version of a guillotine. Back in the day we had to wear an elastic thong that was held together by two metal clamps. This is what an elephant sized sanitary pad was attached to and a belt worn around my waist to hold it in place – not. Uncomfortable to say the least.

I didn’t have cramps as most of my girlfriends had during that time of the month. I went to school, bled profusely using three to four oversize pads a day. Mine was normal compared to other females who had to go home, lay down, and take Motrin by the bottles. I didn’t hate this moment I just didn’t connect with it. I looked at it as a function of the body, no more, no less. Even after I turned thirty when cramps, bloating, and emotions made up for lost time for not visiting me in my teens. They came in with a vengeance from my thirty’s until it ended quietly as it came in, in my late forty’s. I still did not connect with the “flow.”

Fast forward. ‘Health’ wanted me to reconnect to a moment that I barely gave notice to other than I bought pads, used pads, threw pads away, and started the process all over again for the duration of five days. I rejected an integral part of my femininity. A female being on her “flow” is to be celebrated, honored, and protected. From the first conversation, a little girl has with her mother to the end of her flow those three factors should be intimately involved in her life.

The presentation I viewed is called, “Cherish,” a sanitary napkin. But the movement I’m a part of is called “No We No”. No, that’s not a grammatical error. The reputation of this sanitary napkin is fused with protecting a woman’s female part, her honor, while celebrating her ‘flow’. This napkin even from its name, is changing the story for mothers to tell their daughters when they begin their ‘flow’. They feel confident in giving their daughters a product that will protect their femininity from fear. Fear of smell, and uninvited spots on the back of clothes and as you watch the video on the right side of the screen, fear from that too (fill in the blank… lol!)

As you watch the video allow ‘Health,’ to speak to you about your ‘flow.’ You may be surprised at what you hear. #NowWeNo #HealthyistheNewSexy


It’s The Simple Things!

Remember the game Tag? I know it’s a child’s game but sometimes it’s the simple things that bring the most clarity to an adult child situation, yeah, an adult child. When you’ve been emotionally traumatized as a child that moment in time is frozen in your mind, cells, and behavior. You learned how to behave in that abusive environment to survive, but unfortunately those techniques followed you into adulthood. Also, that emotionally charged situation left a wound in your soul that you exist from on a daily basis. Dr. Janet Woititz, psychologist, that worked with Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) stated, “…most adult children have in common a set of dysfunctional ways of behaving which interfere with (or simply take the joy out of), daily living…leftovers from something missed along the way in growing up- and to develop more effective ways of living.”[i]  She adds it doesn’t matter how you got there, meaning, rejection, abandonment, molestation or any other emotionally abusive manner. What matters is you are here at this point and age and not living your life.

So today we are going back to our ‘Playground’ and play Tag. The Four R’s On Your Journey are Remember, Recognize, Remove, and Restore. Today we will discuss the first two, Remember and Recognize. In my memoir, “Dirty Breath: Trapped by Rejection,” I talk about places where I felt safe, free, and my weight didn’t matter. The playground was that place for me at school. It’s important you are safe as we journey back to some places that will ignite emotions that have either been deeply buried in your soul or you feel them on a daily basis. If you don’t remember a safe place you have the awesome task of choosing your present day safe place – your playground.

  1. Remember.  Return to your ‘Playground’, your safe place.

Your playground is a time and a place of your choosing that you will be protected and not disturbed. You can sit with a glass of your favorite beverage with pen, pencil, paper, IPad, Kindle, laptop, etc., to write down your intimate thoughts. No one will be there except your Creator, and personal angels to ensure your privacy and safety from things seen and unseen.




I’M IT: For the last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Basically, in relation to how a traumatic past or past-present event, either from your childhood or later has the power to guide and effect your current emotions and behavior. It is possible to believe a demeaning statement that was never your reality but your abusers wounded world. For example…

I’m restructuring my nutritional intake, exercising, and on the grind rebuilding and discovering streams of income. It’s a lot, but more importantly, it is pulling up past abusive scenes, faces, and words of moments regarding relationships (family, peers, religious), weight, abilities to learn, and money (poverty beliefs).

At the end of June I had an emotional breakup. Yes, an emotional breakup with what “they” said. I’ve said probably a million times before that I wasn’t what “they” said about me but I didn’t believe a word of what came out of my mouth.  I couldn’t see the other side of ‘their’ hurtful words. I lived in my mind where the entity Torment daily did its job. Those dysfunctional childhood situations, people, and words played over and over in my mind as if they were literally here, with me, in present mode. I lived each and every day with a stress level that was slowly killing me. I walked, talked, and thought in Torment’s world of bondage and fear.

*As a side note you will see me refer to emotions whether negative or positive as entities. Words have power and yes, I do believe that life and death is in the power of the tongue. Try this test. Say aloud the word ‘beautiful.’ How does it make you feel? What part of the body do you feel the energy of that word? Now say aloud the word ‘ugly.’ How does it make you feel and what part of the body is the energy flowing from? I believe words carry the energy of their definition. Depending on the word and the intent of the person it searches for a wounded soul or a welcomed soul to inhabit. They enter in one’s body by another body saying words that are carried by their breath. *

Belief in a word, a statement, a person in anything can either bring life or death. I treaded in death’s hallway even though I spoke life giving words. I even strongly encouraged others with those same words. But to me, they were just words. My beliefs in the esteem damaging words were stronger than my belief in life-giving words.

I wanted Torment to stop. Even though heart issues, like weight loss, from childhood were being answered by the Divine the critical self-talk and scenes from yesteryear were killing me. In my memoir I tell the story of why it means so much to me that my Creator would answer an eight year old little girl’s prayer forty-five years later. But I knew this madness had to stop. I had to make it stop. So I made up in my mind that day, screaming at the top of my lungs, crying and looking like a raccoon, to the Divine and the Council of Heaven that I was not going to accept my abusers talk anymore and I needed their help! With snot running out of my nose and down my lips I declared to heaven, earth, and all the negative entities that I wasn’t going to talk to “me” that wounded way anymore. I was double dogg damned tired. My Creator knew this time I meant every word and He heard me, as I’m sure the negative entities did too, but I didn’t care. My answers and help were waiting on me to just get tired as yours are waiting on you, I’m sure.

I’ve been talking about weight loss but rest assured you can apply this practice to whatever was used to traumatize you. The entity used to traumatize me was Rejection. If you are diligently losing weight and your self-talk is still the same, you will gain the weight back. I promise you will. But first, let’s identify the unlimited various ways in which the Universe can assist you in answering your questions.  I will share with you mine as an example.

1. FAMILIAR & PRACTICAL: I’m a reader. My soul gravitates to books on psychology, spirituality, soul, and consciousness. I think you get the picture. So when I’m seeking to be healed in my emotions or questions answered the Master of all scribes sends me the answer to what He knows that will peak my interest. Thus, the above stated avenues. The written word is not my only link, just like you, we all have hobbies or interest like movies, etc., and that we just love to do or view. There is no explanation why other than it brings us a peace in our soul (mind, body, emotions).  In other words it’s fulfilling and that’s why the Creator uses what you naturally acclimate to.




YOU’RE IT: Take a minute phamily and think about your hobbies or interests. What do you like to do without thinking about it? Are you a reader of romance, paranormal, or biographies? Do you play sports, jog, walk, paint, knit, writer, or a diy’er? When your body and mind is in fun motion do ideas come to you quicker than you are moving? How does doing the things you like make your body feel? Even if you don’t know what you like, what would you like to venture out and do? Whatever is the first thing that comes to mind just…

WRITE THOSE DOWN!    laptopdrink



I’M IT: RECOGNIZE: This is the second of ‘The Four R’s on Your Journey. Explore the various ways you’ve operated to survive. ‘Pay Attention’ and be ‘Aware’ of your thoughts, words, and behaviors. Learn the frequency by which your soul speaks.

Now that you’ve written down your familiar and practical avenues let’s continue. What is the traumatic event, like a New York turnstile, continuously playing over and over in your head? No matter where you are at, with people, or by yourself, the scenes from that moment reverberate in your soul. For me it was the scene of learning how to ride a bike and I was told because I was fat I couldn’t learn. I know it sounds crazy but that scene coupled with the words, looks, and behaviors of key players set the stage for all my male/female/authoritative relationships, job choices, and trying new things, and it greatly affected how I felt about my weight going forward. The belief system I learned from my abuser’s was birthed from not learning how to ride a bike.

1. I believed I couldn’t learn anything without someone being there to hold onto for security.

2. I believed that close family members would not protect me. In fact they verbally and sometimes physically abused me in front of my peers and other authority figures or remained silent and did nothing. I knew by the age of ten adult figures in my family would not protect me. I tell stories in my book of how the more I was rejected by those who supposedly loved me I became invisible and buried my voice.

3. I believed that other female peers would either not look at me due to the entity Shame or Pity and would join in with the adult figures of my family and verbally abuse me. Guys that I liked would look away from me due to the entity Embarrassment or Pity. They bowed to peer pressure for fear of being ridiculed of liking a fat girl. I knew by the age of eight nice looking guys would not want to be with me unless under the guise of darkness because I was fat.

4. I believed that I couldn’t verbally hurt people back because I didn’t want them to feel that kind of hurt and more so I was afraid of being physically hit. Before I decided to not fight back I tried to verbally defend myself. I was met with a hit to my mouth by the adult or, in their rage, would scream and verbally berate me in front of my peers and other adults. The cost of the entities Embarrassment, Shame, and Pain was too high to pay. So I remained quiet.

5. I believed that the only place I could live freely was in my imagination, sexual fantasies and thoughts, in essence, in my head. My thoughts and words were not good enough to express openly. Since I was physically compared to my peers I imitated their personality, physical expressions, even how they spoke. I committed “identity theft” which done excessively becomes ‘multiple personality disorder.’ My thoughts, voice, and personality went to sleep deep inside my soul.

In a more simplified form this was my belief system.

  1. Afraid to learn new things because I thought I was the entity Dumb.
  2. Not good enough to be a friend with females, or be with a nice looking guy because I was fat, or voice my thoughts.
  3. No one will protect me especially family.
  4. Fear of authority figures (God & man). Those that claimed they were His children became bullies and physically abusive when you challenged them. So I thought since they were His children He sanctioned their behavior towards me which, in my mind, made Him a bully too.
  5. Afraid of being hit or verbally abused by females and males (adults and peers) if I disagreed with what they said or told me what to do.

I believed that I was a bad seed and unworthy to be loved by God or man. This belief system followed me well into my adult years all because I didn’t learn how to ride a bike. Wow! Like I said I know this sounds, well, crazy, but it’s true. It wasn’t just this one time but it was the initial seed planted in me. The scenes and people changed but the pattern of how I was treated by family and peers consistently was based on the initial seed until the age of ten. At that age and a kick to my leg the belief systems were solidified in my soul. Emotional Abuse is as real as Physical Abuse. In fact, both are equally as harmful. It just depends on which one will be predominantly used against you. But both will be present no matter which one is used more than the other. If this sounds like you…



YOU’RE IT: Write down your memory or memories and see what belief system you’ve accepted as yours to survive. This may take some time so we will resume week after next, August 15th, with another blog post. But feel free to view past blog post at and read other articles on why I began to discuss PTSD.

I’m celebrating three wonderful birthday’s coming up in a matter of days. And I want to be fully present with them as they celebrate another glorious year of their marvelous lives!

Until we meet again the entity Pay Attention and Aware wants to show you other avenues or ways that you naturally gravitate to without thought that give you messages or answers to your questions. This is fun because you may not have been aware of these at all. Just be open with the entity Pay Attention and Aware and allow energy of the definition to do its work and watch what happens. And don’t forget to






That will be a part of your quest for next time as well!


timeoutTIME OUT!


Leave a comment and let me know if what I’m writing is helping you face some traumatic memories and to finally leave that place to feel, think, speak, and live your authentic life. Also let me know your thoughts about having HANGOUTS in the near future with guest who will not only share their journeys as well but give words of wisdom to conquer the trauma!


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Lastly, please share this blog with other people you know that can benefit from it. I want our community of people to know we were/are not alone and there is help for the adult child to be emotionally healed. You just have to want to do what it takes and that my friend is a road uniquely designed for your transformation!



Until we meet again travel safely, have a sweet sleep and angels keep, and know that you are not alone.


Lana M Hooks









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[i] Dr. Janet Woititz, Adult Child Characteristics: Alcoholic & Dysfunctional Families,