Take Off Your Mother’s Clothes

Indulge me a few seconds to go back to biology class. I promise you it will be painless. In Mark Wolynn’s book, It Didn’t Start with You, “The pioneering cell biologist Bruce Lipton stated that DNA can be affected by both negative and positive thoughts, beliefs and emotions. He demonstrated that signals  from the environment could operate through the cell membrane, controlling the behavior and physiology of the cell, which in turn could activate or silence a gene.” Once a debated theory has now been proven by other researchers how cellular memory is transferred in the womb from a mother to her child in utero. A mother’s emotions can biochemically altar the genetic expression of her offspring. The mother’s nutrients in her blood nourish the fetus through the wall of the placenta. In those nutrients she releases a host of hormones and information signals generated by the emotions she experiences. “These chemical signals activate specific receptor proteins in the cells, triggering a cascade of physiologic, metabolic, and behavioral changes in the mother’s body as well as in the fetus.”

What emotions your mother carried passed on to you. Unknowingly what clothes did you inherit from your mother that you are the designated person to remove? You are doing things and have done things that your mother and her mother before didn’t get a chance to do or made a choice not to do. What is the block that you come up against but you make a choice to either go through it or go around it? What makes you feel the fear and do it anyway? Or maybe you are not afraid and you do it anyway, but  either way you do it. Why is your way challenging and you keep pushing until you conquer the fear and excel in what you thought was impossible? What have you decided whether consciously or subconsciously what you want in your life? Why are you, as challenging as it may be, able to walk away from traumatic behaviors, situations, people, choices?

It doesn’t mean that you don’t experience the emotions, beliefs, or behaviors of your inherited cellular structure. In fact, you do, you are very aware of the patterns in the aforementioned areas. You go to counseling, see a therapist, pray, meditate, cry, journal, confide in people that you know can handle your story, your emoting, your sound, your language. You allow yourself to feel but you don’t stop there. You push yourself to rewrite your beliefs and seek out clinical and natural methods to detach from toxic emotions and behaviors. While all the while you are thriving in your business, and even though it’s uncomfortable you are connecting with people that embrace you. You are coming out of the cave and risking everything to be seen and believe in your abilities, talents, and skills. Sometimes you don’t know why you keep pushing to live out your purpose whatever that may be. You question, you have an idea but is it really your purpose? The purpose and the reason get muddled at times and you want to stop but you keep going because it feels right. What is that thing, that reason, that “it” that keeps you walking or crawling to live better, do better, be a better version of self?

You have truly outdistanced those before you. As you climb each rung you are removing the clothes of your mother and her before her, and so on. The clothes of abandonment, rejection, shrinking, playing small, fear, false identity, periphery relationship with others and self, unlovable, false humility, false pride, anger, self-hatred, no boundaries, dissociative behaviors, etc. Whereas in the past your relatives worked for someone else, you may be doing the same. But you are either working on your side hustle until one day it is thriving to be your main source of income. And even if you do continue with an employer you are moving up in positions to learn more skills and to influence your company’s culture.

You are removing your mother’s clothes gradually. Some will come off quicker than others but don’t get weary, they will come off. Keep taking the risks, keep learning new skills, keep learning new financial strategies to get out of debt. Keep connecting with people that embrace you and challenge you lovingly. Keep writing, keep singing, and dancing even though you are not getting paid the monies you deserve. Keep cooking those new dishes out of your home until that restaurant is yours. Only stop to rest and be restored and even in those moments keep encouraging yourself and affirming that no matter what you deserve to be happy. You deserve peace and to be content in any situation. You deserve to be healthy in mind, body, and soul. You deserve to have excellent relationships beginning with yourself. You deserve to have a loving companion, spouse, or, significant other in your life. You deserve to wear your own clothes that fit you, for your body, your style, your swag, with your innately created cellular structure. 

Affirmation: I Allow myself to take off my mother’s clothes.

I Allow to keep walking in Peace, Forgiveness & Love,


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